Wine Tours

Wine tours are an excellent way to broaden your horizons beyond the normal wine drinking experiences. Wine tasting is basically the collective sensory examination and appraisal of wine. While the process of individual wine tasting may vary from one person to another, typically there are four major parts of wine tastings which are: the initial taste experience, the aftertaste experience, the social aspect and the satisfaction aspect. While the overall process of wine tasting itself is centuries old, a structured methodology of tasting has slowly developed from the 14th century onward. The term tasting for this purpose became popular in England during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I who created the first English wine tasting committee.

Wine tours provide an ideal opportunity to see a winery up close and personal. One of the greatest advantages of a guided tour is being able to ask the wine experts whatever questions that you have about wine in particular or in general. Sometimes the tour guides themselves will be experts in their particular field; they can easily answer your questions by describing the variety of grapes grown in specific locations and the particular characteristics of the variety in question. Some tours are purposely designed to introduce people to new varieties they may not have tried before, like the Syrah in California. Another advantage of taking a tour is that the guide can give you information on the history and culture of the actual estate where the wine is being produced. If you are touring Portugal for example, you can visit the wine producing estates of Lisbon and Cascais. By paying a little extra you can actually stay overnight in the wine producing estates which are usually pretty comfortable and well appointed. Most often, the facilities are not so advanced for touring purposes but still provide basic amenities. When choosing a wine tour, it is important that you find out what the price range of the tour is. The price ranges for the different tours vary greatly; you can easily spend hundreds of dollars on a three day tour of central Portugal or you can spend thousands on a luxury five star vacation in one of the premier wine producing regions of northern Europe. There are even some cheap weekend wine tours in central Portugal and in Spain.

Most of these tours consist of a dinner and music followed by a two and half hour walk down to the vineyards. Most of the wine estates have a tasting room where you can try several varieties of wine along with champagne. A typical wine production estate includes a chateau or a large building with an adjoining yard or courtyard. A large portion of the chateau or building is dedicated to growing and pressing the grapes used to make the various types of wines. Most estates also house a few tasting rooms where you can try several varieties of wine before deciding which one you like best. The vast majority of these wineries are family owned and operated. Some of them are world renowned. If you are looking for a unique vacation experience, you should consider booking a private wine tour. Private tours often begin in the country and end in another country. For instance, you can start in the French region of Rhone and travel all the way to Portugal. Wine tasting tours in Portugal can last up to seven days. During this time you will visit many vineyards and see the production facilities. You may even be allowed to sample some of the wines before they are released for sale. Wine tours are a great way to see it for yourself, but if you are planning a trip to the region personally, you may be wondering how to get there. Depending on your transportation needs, there are several options available to you. The most popular way to travel between regions is by road. If you prefer to fly, however, Portugal has a few airlines that offer discounted airfares to wine producers in the region. The next time you find yourself heading towards a wine-producing country, do not forget about a wine tour. This can be an adventure for everyone. Whether you travel by road or by air, you will have an experience that no other travel method can provide. Wine tasting tours provide you with a chance to taste the wines from around the world. No matter where you choose to vacation, you will enjoy the experience more than you ever thought possible.